We take our dreams for reality because we believe in the reality of our dreams (Streetfarm London 1971)


About me:

I was born in the Netherlands in 1946, graduated as a civil engineer in 1974. Worked as stage designer, publisher, computer expert for the European Union, independent CAD software developer, waiter, construction worker, garbage collector and painter. The final thesis at my graduation was: NOMADOME: a nomadic space frame. I built it with the help of some friends (and now much to my own surprise I happen to live and work in such a structure). Developing the space frame involved working with computers and I became addicted to the screen. Read all about it in: My life as a computer nerd (sorry folks, but this document is completely written in Dutch) This I did for twenty five years with occasional sidesteps like the programming of an artificial artist In the end physical constraints made it impossible for me to program any more and I started to print and sketch.