Work of Anthony Bijnen


01 ateliers 2002 02 Galerie Nomadome 2002 03 cafe Jenze 2003 04 Maastricht 2003 05 Maastricht Amsterdam Gavdos 2003
06 Paleohora  2004 07 Maastricht2004 08 athina 09 Gavdos 10 vienna
08 athina


Why do I exhibit my paintings? Because your eyes make the painting! When the paintings leave my easel they are only half finished. They need your eyes, your attention, your imagination in order to get alive. This is why I want my paintings to be seen by as many people as possible.

So I don´t want to confine my work only to closed rooms in galleries and musea. I want to show them in butchershops, bedstores and cafés. This is also the main reason for the existence of this website.