Work of Anthony Bijnen

The idea of the NOMADOME.

"Where do you live? I mean where do you spend most of your time? In your home? In your car? At the office?" These questions were discussed in 1971 at the Architectural Association in London. Here the idea of the NOMADOME originates.

"Damned" we thought (we always thought in terms of groups, we the radical students of the world) "that is true!" "We are cheated all the time! We only live and consume to facilitate the huge profits of a few multinational oil companies! We must make people aware of the structure of their environment and how they are manipulated in a vicious circle of dept, work and traffic jams. Let’s go back to the roots. Let’s learn from the nomads, the gypsies and the farmers."

Let's free the mind of the people and liberate the environment. That was the idea. And of course a structure was needed to spread the message: a space frame transportable in a van.

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In 1976 the joint was patented and there was an exhibition in the International Cultural Center in Antwerp. In 1982 a bigger version of the NOMADOME using scaffolding pipe was built in the Milky Way in Amsterdam on the occasion of the Festival of the Future. In 2008 I brought a dome with a van from Amsterdam to Gavdos

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NOMADOME in Amsterdam and Gavdos

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