Nomadome: principle of reciprocal frames


Forty five years ago I was studying Building construction at the technical university of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. At my graduation I developed the Nomadome, a nomadic space frame for modern gypsies. In 1976 I patented a new reciprocal frame connection under the name Nomadome. Over the years I built Nomadomes from aluminium, steel and wood. In the mean time more people (who?) have become interested and have published about the possibilities of this kind of constructions.

This story is by its very nature personal. It describes my involvement in this kind of structures and ends with proposal to start an international cooperation of builders, engineers and programmers that make a freely accessible pool of knowledge and development of reciprocal frame structures.

The development and building of the Nomadome over the years for me has been an activity on the fringe. Most of my professional career I worked as an independent software developer. Presently I am a painter. This and my intention to write for the non professional reader makes that the style is rather playful. But if you encounter difficult words like 'reciprocal' that you do not understand, don't worry, skip them. You will find out later in the text. Have fun!