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Work of Anthony Bijnen


I work with the materials that are available, mostly my fountain pen, coffee and red wine.

100_2628 100_2629 100_2630 100_2631 100_2632 100_2633 100_2634 100_2635 100_2636 100_2637 p1050021
p1050022 p1050023 p1050024 p1050025 p1050026 p1050027 p1050028 p1050029 p1050030 p1050031 p1050033
p1050034 p1050035 p1050037 p1050038 p1050040 p1050041 p1050042 p1050043 p1050044 p1050045 p1060054
p1060055 p1060056 p1060057 p1060058 p2010017 p2010028 p2010033 p2010034 p2010108 pb290002 pb290006
pb290007 pb290010 pb290011 apb290001 apb290003 apb290004 apb290008 apb290009 apb29004 P1080514 P1080516
PB180104 PB180105 PB180105a PB180107 PB180107a PB180108 PB180111 PB180112 PB180116 PB180117 PB180119

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