Work of Anthony Bijnen

Silkscreen prints

02 gaat 03 het 04 om 05 eyes 06 snoozebig 07 hurrah 08 dio
09 tria 1 eye 10 tessera 11 machinefun2 12 machinefun3 13 bibiche 14 tom 15 marylou

On the evening of 31 December 1999 the world was anxiously awaiting the disasters the new millennium would bring us. Planes didn’t fly and people all over the world had stored in their houses all the food, water and fuel they thought was necessary to survive the Millennium bug.

I was one of its victims, at that time sitting home with a repetitive strain injury due to excessive computer use chasing the damned bug.

From then on computers were taboo for me. I had to find something else to do. I started to draw portraits and made prints as you can see.